5 common misconceptions about gutter guards and gutter covers.

Gutter guards, like any industry, have advanced over the years. In this article, we’ll go over some of the common misconceptions about gutter covers that are no longer issues with today’s top products.

Light as a feather!

  1. The first common misconception is that gutter covers add extra weight to the original gutter that the structure can not handle.

US Home Exteriors uses only lightweight aluminum alloy. This lightweight system has come through many advances over the years compared to other metal materials such as stainless steel. The aluminum gutter guard system is exceptionally light. The system is both supported and anchored by a patented bracket. Design enhancement enables the patented gutter protection bracket to strengthen and reinforce the existing gutter system. Furthermore, the design locks firmly into the existing gutters’ top edge for added security and stability.

A second clasp aligns uniformly with the existing gutters. This design keeps the rain gutters in the proper pitch and angle for optimal water flow. Additionally, the extended gutter helmet secures under the second row of roof shingles. Accordingly, the entire system is both lightweight and reinforced. Plus, US Home Exteriors gutter protection connects to the facia. It does not penetrate the roofing with nails or screws, which often voids a homeowner’s roof warranty. The patented brackets allow for secure, stable installation without penetrating the roof structure. Many older, outdated systems were commonly known to make this costly blunder.

Heavy rain isn’t an issue!

2. The second misconception about gutter covers is that the reverse curve does not work in heavy rain.

Rain gutters carry rainwater away from a home. Although the hooded system has a slightly lower rating in a heavy downpour, we use them because the benefits far outweigh the risks. During heavy rainfall, water comes down at such a high velocity some spills over the reverse curve’s edge. This is not the same effect as ‘overflow.’

Overflow, often due to clogged gutters, happens during rainfall no matter how light or heavy the rain falls. Overflow causes tremendous damage to the gutter structure, the yard, driveway, and landscaping. Additional water not led away from the house causes further homeowner disasters. Excess water near the home’s foundation produces mold, mildew, and even flooding.

A clogged gutter causes many devastating damages. Repairs come with high price tags. Consequently, the advantages of owning the hooded gutter guard system far outweigh the risks of occasional spillover during a downpour. If you’d like to learn more about possible damages of ‘overflow’ and the ways a gutter guard system saves you money, read our blog, Summertime Gutter Cleaning Greensboro NC – No More!

Gutter guards aren’t a DIY project!

3. The third misconception is that gutter guards are easy to install yourself.

Although there are many systems and some are easy DIY gutter guard projects. We do not recommend trying to install the hooded gutter covers yourself. For this system to work at optimum efficiency, it must have the correct pitch and slope for the water to follow the reverse curve. The hooded gutter protection system is always recommended for installation by trained professionals on proper gutter installation.

Additionally, with the gutter cover installed professionally, you’ll receive a warranty. US Home Exteriors backs their installers with a lifetime warranty for proper installation. Therefore if you discover issues with pitch or slope, you’re covered. When we talk about home improvements, having warranty coverage provided peace of mind to the homeowner. With US Home Exteriors, you get that peace of mind.

Aluminum and rustproof!

4. The fourth misconception is that metal gutter guards rust.

US Home Exteriors uses a rust-free lightweight aluminum alloy. The aluminum is treated and will not rust, unlike some screen gutter guards or older gutter cover designs that used other metals prone to rusting.

US Home Exterior uses only the highest quality materials for a rust-free luster that lasts. High-quality aluminum alloy enhanced with titanium and uniquely tempered for increased strength, durability, and formability achieves the correct roof pitch for optimal results without rust.

New technology and design enhancements!

5. Finally, the fifth common misconception is that gutter covers do not eliminate the debris they claim.

Older design flaws could be the contributing factor to this common misconception. New technology and design enhancements give the results you’re looking to achieve.

First, aluminum alloy coated with a special treatment helps water and large debris slip off and not stick to the gutter hood. While the nose-out design forces leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other smaller debris out beyond the lip of the gutter to ensure it doesn’t slip into the slot between the channel and the gutter cover hood. The nose out design leverages the smallest debris to fall outside the gutter trough.

Additionally, engineers conceptualized a “tri-sectioned” point to allow three different places where debris falls off. Simultaneously, the reverse curve uses the physics of surface tension to channel water into the gutter. This unique “tri-sectioned” nose also features a larger radius and diameter than competitor gutter protection systems.

Finally, the solid hood keeps out more than a leaf filter or screen. The hood forces leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris to slide off the roof. It also prevents small rodents from nesting in the gutter. When gutters are free of leaves and other objects, the smallest debris such as shingle grit washes away as originally intended. This way, your gutter system stays free and clear of clogs.

Conversely, the traditional leaf guard gutter screen allowed small particles through. This rubble still creates a clogged gutter. Plus, a screen supports debris laying on top of the screen, blocking the gutter guard and requiring continued cleaning of the leaf guard.

US Home Exteriors is your Premier Home Improvement Company.

Originally Carolina GutterMagic, founded in 2004, we changed to US Home Exteriors as we improved and added to our renovation and home repair services. Spanning more than a decade in business, we added vinyl siding, window and door installation, and gutter protection to our remodeling services. We listened to our customers and began to build a better company expanding to fulfill our customer’s needs for their home improvement projects.

Now we are proud to have serviced over 12,000+ satisfied customers in North Carolina. We are bringing curb appeal to our customers with new siding. Helping homes become energy efficient with new windows and doors renovations. We protect your gutter investment and keeping gutter maintenance down with gutter protection. No matter which home renovation project, US Home Exteriors is the top home improvement specialist in central North Carolina.

US Home Exteriors is proud to use recyclable aluminum materials to reduce waste in the environment. Our gutter covers work with your existing gutters to further reduce the carbon footprint and gaseous emissions. Using recyclable metals means 100% recyclable scraps. US Home Exteriors does the best we can not only for our customers but also for our environment.

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