We love the south for its beautiful weather. Yet, when we own a home, we need to consider the best home exteriors for the Carolinas’ extreme heat and sun. Carolina’s bright sun, excessive humidity, high winds, rainstorms, and ice, take a toll on the home’s exterior. Don’t let it prevent you from living in your dream home.

paint Vs siding

Paint vs. exterior siding. Carolina curb appeal.

No longer worry that dark colors may fade. The first and by far the most common problem in the south is the home’s exterior paint fading. The sun’s UV rays will cause bold color paint, especially darker organic colors, to fade quickly. A homeowner must provide maintenance to exterior paint yearly to prevent fading and weathering.

Vinyl siding is the perfect solution as it is fade resistant. Your home exterior design must include the perfect paint color for your ideal dream home. Vinyl siding offers an array of color options. With many colors and designs to choose from, your exterior paint color now includes dark or bold colors for higher outstanding curb appeal. Create your beautiful dream home even in the Carolina hot sun. US Home Exteriors has you covered. Find your ideal exterior paint color in fade-resistant vinyl.

Furthermore, above other siding materials, vinyl is low maintenance and requires little to no preventative care. A yearly paint job or even semi-annually repaint saves significant amounts of money for other home improvement projects.

Affordable Vinyl Windows

It’s so hot out my air conditioning won’t stop running.

Vinyl Windows

If your air seems to be working overtime when the temperatures rise, invest in replacement windows. We all hear talk of replacement windows keeping homes warm in the winter. Still, the dual action of vinyl insulated windows keeps the house cool in the summer months and extreme heat.

The insulated window prevents the cold air from escaping, thus allowing your air conditioning to work properly. The exterior walls remain cooler for longer periods, cutting down on your energy cost and lowering your home’s interior temperature providing a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. Energy Star reported that switching out your single-pane or even your newer double-paned, clear-glass windows to energy-efficient windows saves up to $465 a year.

Affordable Vinyl Windows

The exterior makeover that brings you closer to loved ones.

Patio Covers

The Carolinas’ beautiful weather is ideal for you to take advantage of outdoor life. Some of the best home exteriors for southern living include patio covers. Patio covers protect from both the extreme sun and rain. A patio cover extends the living space providing an enjoyable outdoor gathering area. It will also increase the value of your home, making it a wise investment as a smart homeowner. US Home Exteriors patio covers are built for style and comfort.

Outdoor gatherings often include grilling. One of the most spectacular features of our patio covers is that you can grill under them. Additionally, wiring the new patio cover for sound makes your home’s exterior stand out. Our installers wire the unit for audio, TV, lighting, or any other exterior design features needed to extend your living space outside. So, invite over family and friends. Cover your deck, patio, porch, hot tub, or more. We make the outdoors as friendly and comfy as the interior of your home.

Icicles and Snowstorm

All right, Carolina is hot, but we have winter too.

Vinyl siding was initially created in the late 1950s in Ohio as a material that could withstand severe weather conditions and inclement temperature. As a weather-resistant home exterior, quality vinyl siding expands and contracts to accommodate changes in temperature.

During storms and inclement weather conditions, wood siding absorbs moisture. As a homeowner, we need to protect our living space with an exterior siding material that fights back. Vinyl siding with a perm rating of 5 repels moisture to prevent mold, mildew, and rot. It allows moisture to escape and not get trapped inside the ventilated breathable construction.

Let’s not forget about the Carolina ice storms.

Ice buildup can cause significant damage to roofing and gutters. A gutter protection system stops the accumulation of ice in the gutter trough. Ice quickly becomes immensely heavy. When it builds up in the gutter system, it can pull away from the house and cause severe damage to the roof and gutter system. The gutter protection system allows snow and ice to flow off the roof rather than collect and freeze.

The hot sun dries out wood. So, what is it doing to the exterior of my house?

Yes, the hot Carolina sun will indeed dry out wood siding and composite siding. Very quickly, it causes flaking, peeling, and cracking. Today’s siding options have come a long way. Vinyl siding is an anti-aging, low maintenance home’s exterior product. Advancements in vinyl technology make vinyl a superior material that doesn’t peel, crack, splinter, or chip.

There have even been stories of vinyl siding melting. US Home Exteriors uses only the very best quality vinyl materials on the market. Therefore, your exterior makeover boosts your curb appeal and continues to look fabulous for years to come.

The beauty of new windows.

You can drastically change the look and feel of your home’s exterior with replacement windows. Windows are a critical part of your home’s facade. The exterior beauty of your home will dramatically change when you change the window architectural style. US Home Exteriors has many styles to choose from.

Adding a bay or bow window will give you more light inside and provide the exterior facade a whole new look. Large vertical sliding windows often increase the elegance of the home. Whereas, awning windows open outward from the bottom, causing the awning effect. These are usually smaller windows placed higher up. Select from six beautiful window styles.

Feel confident you’re making the right choice. Please read our blog on Top Factors in your Window Replacement Cost. Let our professionals help you design the exterior of your dreams.

Spotlight the beauty of your home’s exterior.

Exterior lighting is a curb appeal feature many southern homeowners use to highlight their home. Lighting the outside exterior of the house makes it stand out above others on your street. Illuminating an exterior makeover, beautiful windows, or a well-manicured landscape increases your home’s beauty even after sunset. Additionally, exterior lighting also provides added safety to your home. So, let your home’s exterior design shine.

The best home exteriors have a grand front entrance.

A must-have in the best home exteriors is a replacement door. Your front door is the statement piece of your home’s exterior. A beautiful door is inviting to guests and gives your home’s curb appeal a superior edge. One of the first things people see when they approach your home is the front door. Often, many realtors will advise a homeowner who is selling to repaint or replace your front door. Also, it is advisable that the front door paint is semi gloss paint, not a flat paint. In doings, fingerprints, and scuffs easily are cleaned away and do not harm the exterior color. US Home Exteriors finds the right front door to compliment your home’s facade in both style and safety.

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