US Home Exteriors is your Premier Home Improvement Company.

Originally Carolina GutterMagic, founded in 2004, we changed to US Home Exteriors as we improved and added to our renovation and home repair services. Spanning more than a decade in business, we added vinyl siding, window and door installation, and gutter protection to our remodeling services. We listened to our customers and began to build a better company expanding to fulfill our customer’s needs for their home improvement projects.

Now we are proud to have serviced over 12,000+ satisfied customers in North Carolina. We are bringing curb appeal to our customers with new siding. Helping homes become energy efficient with new windows and doors renovations. We protect your gutter investment and keeping gutter maintenance down with gutter protection. No matter which home renovation project, US Home Exteriors is the top home improvement specialist in central North Carolina.

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The US Home Exteriors Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty. It is our promise to repair or replace it if necessary. We know our work and are proud to guarantee it. We also want you to feel safe knowing you’re in the best capable hands to get the job done correctly. Therefore, we warranty all our services for your protection at a lifetime warranty. We want all of our customers to feel safe and assured they are receiving the very best in care and service!

Worried about the time a home improvement project takes?

Lots of people get worried about how long a home improvement project is going to take. We stress out over thinking about being in half a home for an extended length of time. It can be scary to think about having an extensive renovation, remodeling, or home repairs that may remove you from your home. Let us assure you we do everything we can to limit the possible time frame you would have a section of your home closed off. We fully understand that your home is where you live and stay. We plan on getting you back in as quickly as possible. Our professionals do this for a living. We have our services streamlined to keep the best possible timeline for all our customers. Our speedy, friendly service is usually shorter than most homeowners anticipate.

Craftsmanship, not just home repairs.

US Home Exteriors professionals approach every project as if it were in their home. We take care and precision in each and every homeowner’s improvement project. Our professionals handle everything with care to ensure the beauty of your home is enhanced with our home improvement project, never just a job satisfied. After providing these services to a vast multitude of consumers over the last 17+ years, we take pride in our work. We’ll never settle for less than the best, and neither should you. Providing the best quality materials, an outstanding look, and unique and distinctive style, we bring your home improvement project to the next level. Our craftsmanship not only boosts your curb appeal but helps you view your house as your dream home. You’ll be the envy of the block.

Our Triple Zero Payment Program

As a homeowner, we understand that financing home improvement can be difficult. Don’t worry. We make it as simple as possible with our 0 money down payment, 0 cost estimate, and 0% financing options; things couldn’t get easier. Let us see if you qualify for our triple zero payment program. Getting a loan or credit application for home repair, remodeling, or renovation is up to you. However, we make our part of your financial obligations as quick and easy as possible with zero money down, zero cost estimate, and 0% financing. Zero never looked so good!We also offer an 18 month, same as cash deal. See what financing option you fit into.

Meet The Team

Meet a friendly group of sales professionals who are not pushy. We always hear our customers out and try to come up with cost-effective solutions that meet all their renovation requirements. Thinking about home repairs and all the details that come along with it isn’t easy. We’re there to guide you through the process, not sell you on a product. After years in the industry, we are well versed in the process and procedures. We are your guide. There are the ins and outs to any home improvement project, and it’s easy to get lost in the details of the job.

Think about it. Colors, sizes, textures, style, home decor, and that’s just to start. Then there are things to consider, such as cost and financing, home effects, environmental effects, energy loss and efficiency, zoning, certification, and warranties. The list seems to go on and on. We can answer almost any question you have, and if we don’t have the answer, we’ll find out. That’s our job, and we’re pleased to do it for you. So, please don’t feel pressured. We offer the no-obligation, free estimate for your benefit and informational purposes. You’re the boss. We have the answers.

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Passing along the savings.

Our customers get the best savings because we deliver our savings back to each and every consumer day by day. How are we able to keep our prices down? The simple answer is that we’re a home improvement company that has bulk rate contracts with our suppliers. Our suppliers are able to cut their rates because we guarantee a large sum of their business each year. A homeowner by themselves cannot get such rates as they have no such guarantee. We are glad to pass these savings along to all our customers. Whether it’s windows, siding, gutter protection, patio covers, roofing, or doors, we work our very best to keep our prices the best on the market.

Plus, we continue to maintain the quality product we have grown a reputation for. This way, you get the very best quality for the price range we supply. We’ll never undercut prices by losing quality. Furthermore, from working in the business for an extended time, we have built relationships with financing departments that individuals often don’t have access to. We also offer periodic in-house discounts that our customers are known to enjoy. Watch for the deal that works best for you. Any way you look at it, we are constantly passing the savings down to our customers to have the best customer satisfaction possible. Our savings are your savings. Or, “mi casa, su casa.”

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We Stand Behind Our Work. Promise.

US Home Exteriors uses only trusted home improvement renovators. We’ve helped over 12,000+ homeowners with their home improvement projects since 2004. US Home Exteriors is a proud full-service home exterior remodeling company in central North Carolina.

With over 16 years working successfully, we’re pretty good.

Our trained professionals treat every home renovation with care and craftsmanship. We strive to make every home beyond your expectations and idea of what it could be. We’ve been building beauty since 2004.

Additionally, our builders are covered under our insurance and workers’ compensation to protect you from costly accidents on your property and liability to your homeowner’s insurance. Best of all, we are fast, efficient, and friendly. Lastly, we provide clean-up of all remodeling and repair materials, leaving nothing left for you but enjoying the new look of your home.

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