Farmhouse windows are the leading style
in modern windows for North Carolina homes.

This noteworthy style window has taken the Carolinas by craze. Farmhouse windows give our southern homes more charm and appeal. They have a depth and warmth which we want our rooms to portray. The farmhouse window fad is simply unstoppable. Let’s take a look.

farmhouse windows - what are they
What are farmhouse windows?

The farmhouse window style is a sectioned window. These modern windows have multiple sections to elaborate on the window style. These decorative segments, otherwise known as window grilles, give the window character. The grid consists of four, six, or nine panels, depending on your personal preference and style. Having a segmented window often creates the focal point on the window itself, not the view from the window.

From the exterior farmhouse window’s grilles accentuate the home. The interior design often includes a large chunky wooden frame, made from reclaimed wood or made to look old, which provides a touch of warmth to the home’s interior.

Modern farmhouse styles use windows often grouped to allow maximum natural light into the home. The more traditional farmhouse frequently had smaller windows.

What windows are best for the farmhouse style window?

It’s true that some styles of windows adapt better to the farmhouse look and feel. Modern farmhouse windows include; the single hung window, double hung window, casement window, and awning windows. You can adapt many window styles for the same purpose, but these are the best windows suited for the farmhouse look. Yet, bay and bow windows using the same sectioned grilles discussed above commonly support the exterior for greater curb appeal. Most homeowners enjoy the wide expanse of having a main picture window.

farmhouse windows - single-hung
Find the window that’s right for you.

Let’s take a look at the qualities of each different style window used for the modern farmhouse look.

Single Hung Window

farmhouse windows - single-hungA single hung window is what we typically think of as a generic window. Single hung is the typical window with the horizontal middle, which opens, pushing the window up.

Double Hung Window

farmhouse windows - double-hungA double hung window is the same structure as the single hung window and opens either the top or bottom of the window, pushing the bottom section up or the top portion down. In comparison, a single hung window opens only from the base portion with a fixed upper piece.

Single and double hung are most common for kitchen window replacement. The double hung window allows you to open the top portion and remove steam from cooking while reducing airflow into the house. Yet, when the lower part is opened wide, it provides ample airflow on hot days. Similarly, opening both sections creates a refreshing circular airflow.

Casement Window

farmhouse windows - casement windowA casement window has side hinges and opens outward to the left or right with a crank. These windows provide long clean lines for the modern style. Casement windows open the entire length of the window for maximum ventilation.

The farmhouse design uses casement windows when there is a taller narrow window space. Also, the full length of the window opening for more ventilation is great for the southern heat on a breezy day.

Awning Window

farmhouse windows - awning windowAwning windows are a top-hinged window that opens outward from the bottom, causing the awning effect. These are often smaller windows placed higher up, thus the reasoning behind the bottom opening top hinge.

The modern farmhouse design favors awning windows for the bathroom. It provides a high opening to let out the steam and moisture from showering.

Bay Window

farmhouse windows - bay windowThe bay window has a picture window in the center with two smaller windows on either side. This layout allows for an expanded view but also has smaller windows that open for airflow.

If your farmhouse has an especially lovely view, the bay window is without question your window of choice. It presents the center window view while upholding the farmhouse style in the two smaller windows.

Bow Window

farmhouse windows - bow windowA bow window is similar to a bay window but consists of 4 or more parts. These additional parts mean having the grille we talked about above. The bow windows are either vented or fixed windows based on customer needs.

A bow window is perfect for the farmhouse decor. Choose multi sections that look seamlessly like the other farmhouse windows in the home. Furnishing windows of different sizes with an identical appearance gives an uninterrupted style that has a high curb appeal. By far, a singular continuous look is the best choice for a modern farmhouse exterior.

What color palette should I use for the farmhouse look?

The exterior of a modern farmhouse style home often uses earthy tones of muted reds, browns, beiges, and taupe paint. Plus, whites and pastels are similarly common but from an opposing color palette. The farmhouse windows use either theory of color. Additionally, modern farmhouse design has adopted black window trim. It’s a bold statement that further accents your window style as a highlight to your home’s appearance.

Exploring the farmhouse style window’s interior design includes anything from a southern country farmhouse window treatment to a contemporary woven wood shade. Depending on how modern or country southern you want to portray will decide what curtain color or pattern you’re looking for. Some pictures of HGTV window treatments may help spark your creativity. What’s essential for you to remember is that farmhouse decor can be made stylishly modern or comfy old-time country; the windows make the difference.

Why is the farmhouse look so popular?

There are two opposing theories of thought on why the farmhouse look has become the latest popular trend in windows. The first is that the farmhouse design has a welcoming feel that homeowners naturally want to come home to. This feeling lends itself to cozy notions of sitting by a warm fireplace. It, in turn, gives you the longing to come home and relax after a hard day’s work.

The second theory is that fashion, even when it comes to windows, is incredibly versatile. These windows lend themselves to multiple looks and, more importantly, connecting other styles already in your home. Possibly also different styles that you wish to bring into the house in later years. For instance, the farmhouse country combines well with mid-century modern and traditional. Whereas in contrast, the modern farmhouse blends with industrial, contemporary, and rustic. Having this versatility in your window choice makes the home more adaptable over time.

farmhouse windows - fireplace pic
farmhouse windows - other styles we offer

Does US Home offer different window styles not included in the farmhouse style?

Absolutely! We’re proud to be in North Carolina, so we love the farmhouse style window too, but we do more than just that. We offer a full range of modern windows with options and styles. Our styles include single and double hung windows, the slider window, casement window, awning window, picture window, bay style window, and bow windows.

We also provide custom sizes to fit any size you’re currently working with and reduce construction costs. Custom sizes mean less physical reconstruction of the supporting structure of your home.

Best of all, we use only the highest quality energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings for optimal thermal performance. Upgrading old windows to energy-efficient windows can lower your energy bills by up to 15 percent per year. We make your home beautiful and save you money. What could be better?

Replace that old window with something new.

Farmhouse windows may be the leading style in North Carolina homes, but you can have whatever you want. Find out what style windows best fit your house and your style. US Home Exteriors installs all of the windows mentioned above. With over 16 years of installing windows, our professional craftsmen love your home as much as you do. We’ll help you decide the right window style for your home. Our friendly customer service will gladly set up a no-obligation, free estimate. Our sales team comes out and discusses all your options to help you decide what best fits your style, your home, and your budget. Let’s get you started!

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