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Today’s Top Trends – Greensboro Home Improvement Projects and How They Transform Your Home.

Are you looking for the best new trends in southern living home improvement? This article discusses the best Greensboro home improvement projects. Get the latest trending ideas for revisions before the cost begins adding up.

Maximize your outdoor space.

In the south, the use of outdoor space has always been widespread. Today it’s become even more prevalent. With the onset of Covid-19, we understand how critical it is to keep a bit of distance between ourselves. Outdoor gatherings allow for the intimacy of a backyard setting while also maintaining space and comfort. Covered patios and decks enable your outdoor oasis to be an authentic extension of your home when it’s wired for music and TV.

Expanding living space to the outdoors is the easiest way to gain a living area without the cost of a complete addition or an add-on room. If done correctly, you can use a covered patio almost year-round. They’re made more comfortable with fans for summer and a fireplace for fall and spring. The cost versus value is easily a homeowner benefit.

Natural touches, feeling the organic side of life.

Organics and textures are huge this season. Patio covers are also an excellent opportunity to bring in the organics this season. Using organics and textures, you’ll establish an earthy outdoor feeling while maintaining the living area’s comfort. Combining organics and textures produce a perfect blend of both peacefulness and vibrance. Everything from bamboo furniture to multi-textured pillows and area rugs brings earthy tones, pops of color, and texture to the room. Organics’ natural tones complement textures bits of bright colors. Living under your covered patio has never seemed more refreshing, reinvigorating, and relaxing.

Let the light shine!

If you want that picture-perfect magazine cover bathroom, add a new larger replacement window. A new window chosen from so many modern styles will bring in a touch of elegance in a bathroom remodel. Larger windows provide more ventilation to remove moisture, making them ideal for the bathroom. Introducing large sleek windows, such as slider windows or casement windows, brings an elegant charm to the bathroom. Additionally, the larger window will provide more light giving the illusion of size. Likewise, the expanded view offers a perception of space. With the bathroom being one of the smaller rooms in the house, a bigger window serves to make it feel more spacious, comfortable, and accessible.

Improve the exterior’s tired and peeling paint.

Smart homeowners are opting for the beauty of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is a common successful purchase due to the versatility in style, textures, and colors. More importantly, the homeowner appreciates the low maintenance feature of modern quality siding. US Home Exteriors is a Greensboro siding installation expert. US Home Exteriors prides itself on having quality workmanship and experience in exterior house renovations, including vinyl siding installation.

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Greensboro Home Improvement Projects – Transform Your Home with new windows.

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Greensboro update the old fashioned kitchen.

Color, not sterile, in the kitchen.

Southern living indicates that the bleak white kitchen is on its way out, and we are so happy to hear it. The modern and clean white kitchen interior has been a tried and true classic for years, let’s say too many years. Its time has finally been replaced with a little color. Southern kitchen cabinet replacement style shows that light grey and blues are among the newest trends. Color brightens the kitchen with style, not sterile light—no more white and bright. Natural woods and open cupboard space is also among the popular decisions for kitchen remodeling homeowners. US Home Exteriors gives the kitchen character with fresh colors in cabinet replacements.

Kitchen cabinet replacement – honey oak cabinets are out.

Kitchen remodeling can be as simple as cabinet replacement. If your kitchen still has outdated honey oak cabinets, it is time to replace them. A modern interior designer would tell you this old-fashioned preference simply a must go. To obtain a southern contemporary kitchen, cabinets should use a subdued color or natural wood highlights. Furthermore, the trend of open shelving cabinets is on the rise again. Exhibited dinnerware may not be for everyone, but it’s undoubtedly a southern favorite. Exposed plates are often synonymous with country style living. So go ahead, expose yourself! Show your bit of country.

Industrial lighting for ambiance.

Giving your room an industrial edge is a hot home feature for 2020. Edison lights, which resemble the early 1900’s light bulbs, have an appealing mechanical or industrial vibe. The trouble is how to incorporate this look into your home. Unless your home already has exposed beams or cement floors, it’s best to incorporate this style of lighting into your covered patio remodel. Edison lights hang low, making them ideal for the outdoor space and a nontraditional ceiling. At the same time, their amber filament provides a softer gentle light source and a unique design element.

Tear down the old matching porch cover and replace it with a new patio cover.

A quick and attractive way to improve your home’s exterior is to remove that old porch covering and install a new modern polycarbonate sheet covering. The true craftsmanship in this home improvement project is constructing a completely new look that boosts your curb appeal. Modernizing your home exterior makes it stand out from the rest on the block.
This particular remodeling project enhances both the exterior and interior of your home. The polycarbonate sheet allows light to enter the front of the house. In comparison, the old solid porch roofing obstructed sunlight from entering the home. Letting in more natural light elevates a dark interior making a far more comfortable living space.

Replace vertical blinds with farmhouse shutters.

Vertical blinds had their moment, but most people find that trend over. Customers find vertical blinds to lack trendiness and are hard to clean. Furthermore, they’re difficult with small children and pets because they easily dislodge. Not sure what style window your home needs to fit your interior design? US Home Exteriors service Greensboro home improvement customers with several window replacement options. Their professionals provide a free consultation to discuss which replacement windows fit your dream home.

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Greensboro UV protective panels – Bring light and livelihood to your porch.

Build out a front awning.

Transform your plane front doors into something genuinely spectacular with a new covered awning. An elegant tempered Lexan® polycarbonate sheet awning will allow for full light while protecting against rain and inclement weather. The polycarbonate sheet looks like glass but withstands severe weather conditions. Providing a dramatic structure to your home’s front door enhances curb appeal and architectural design.

Are there other remodeling projects that US Home Exteriors specializes in?

Absolutely. US Home Exteriors provides the following services.

  1. Gutter Guard Protection Systems
    The best quality hooded gutter guard system for maintenance-free upkeep of your gutters.
  2. Replacement Windows and Doors
    Energy-efficient insulated Replacement Windows and Replacement Doors for an energy-saving home.
  3. Cabinet Refacing
    For the heart of the home – an easy kitchen remodel design is cabinet refacing. It improves charm and appeal in the kitchen without breaking the budget.
  4. Vinyl Siding
    Quality Vinyl Siding comes in many styles and textures for low maintenance, exterior house protection, and beauty.
  5. Roofing
    Stunning roof designs in multiple colors to fit your exterior color pallet.
  6. Patio Covers and other outdoor coverings
    Stay protected against the elements and enjoy the outdoors. These patio covers provide a modern, stylish outdoor space.

Can I get financing for my Greensboro home improvement project?

Yes, US Home Exteriors does offer financing options. They provide a free no-obligation quote and have 0% down and 0% financing loan applications. Find the cost of your next home improvement project within moments. It’s never been easier to see if you qualify for financing. Follow the link to begin,, or call our friendly customer service at 888-282-6244. We handle every customer with care.

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