February is the month to set up outdoor landscaping and spring cleaning. You don’t need to include gutter cleaning. Upgrade to gutter guards and never clean gutters again. With the US Home Exteriors gutter guard system, end gutter cleaning Greensboro NC and enjoy springtime.

No more gutter cleaning ever again.

No gutter cleaning? It sounds too good to be true.

Well, we assure you it is not. Gutter guards are maintenance-free, so you’ll never clean gutters again! Let us show you how the Gutter Guard System works and how you’ll save money and never clean your gutters again.

First, let’s look at how the gutter guard system works.

US Home Exteriors uses a highly recommended hooded gutter guard. This gutter guard system uses a solid cover, not a screen. The solid cover and reverse curve allow water to flow over and down the curve into the gutter, not filter through a screen. The slope and angle, when appropriately installed, push leaves, snow and ice, and small debris over the side. At the same time, the rainwater follows the flow into the gutter trough. The design forces leaves, twigs, pine needles, ice, and other debris to slide off the roof.

Watch It Work
gutter guard schematic
full gutter

How we eliminate debris more than other systems.

A hooded gutter system keeps out more, which means no further gutter cleaning. The hood removes nature’s large and small rubble, causing them to slide off the roof. But it does more. It prevents small rodents from nesting in the gutters causing major issues and clogged drains. Free of leaves and tiny objects, the smallest debris such as shingle grit washes out the downspout as originally intended. By eliminating more leaves and debris, we keep your gutter system moving freely and working effectively.

What damage will clogged gutters lead to?

Possible destruction is numerous, and repairs are costly. Smart homeowners invest in a gutter guard system to ensure their investment and prevent problems before they occur. US Home Exteriors, gutter guard system is a wise and affordable choice.

Gutters remove rainwater, moving it away from the dwelling. Gutters that clog cause overflow. Overflow then washes away your landscaping efforts. Moreover, overflow causes water damage to deck boards, driveways, and sidewalks.
When the rain gutter trough becomes full, it gets weighed down. Backup of leaves and twigs create clogging, cracking, and failure to function correctly. Ice also causes breakage and cracking to the gutter system, which requires costly repairs.
A clogged or blocked gutter means that rainwater isn’t led away from the house. A gutter’s sole purpose is to direct rainwater away from the dwelling. Excessive water causes mildew damage to the structure and sometimes basement flooding. Furthermore, standing water pooling near the home draws mosquitoes and other pests.
Full gutters allow moisture and mildew to build up around the gutter system and spread to the roof. At the same time, the excess weight of a clogged rain gutter makes it pull away from the roof, causing damage to your roofing, shingles, and possibly your siding.
When water gets trapped in the gutters, it leads to interior water leaks creating ceiling damages. Unsightly dark spots require killing the moisture and repainting the entire ceiling. Further damage forces even more costly ceiling repairs.
Water held inside clogged gutters rots the wooden fascia boards that gutters are mounted on and spreads to the roofing and underneath the shingles. Moisture is highly damaging to your home’s wooden structure, and once rot sets in, major costly repairs are necessary.
In the winter months, ice buildup in your gutters is a homeowner’s nightmare. Ice expands, creaking, and breaking your seamless gutters. The extreme weight pulls the channels away from the home, ripping and tearing away parts of your roof with it. Additionally, ice drives moisture and ice crystals under your shingles. Ice damage is a terrible ordeal for gutter buyers.

Now let’s see where we save you money.

The average yearly cost of pressure washing gutters or hiring a gutter cleaning service for annual maintenance is $84 – $151. *Cost is shown for gutter cleaning Greensboro NC.
The US Home preferred premium gutter guard system fits over your existing gutters to save money. This way, you’re not buying an entirely new gutter system. You’re simply adding to your already present system. The average cost of new gutters for a single-family home in 2021, $591 – $1,556.

When you pay high costs to install rain gutters on your home, you want to ensure those gutters last and work properly doing the job you paid for. Installing gutter guards is insurance to maintain your investment.

We are eliminating costly breakages and repairs for gutters before they happen. When they do, the average cost for gutter repair is $327.
Roof damages are a large category ranging from slight damage to major structural repairs. Minor repairs of 100 sqft, average $650. Major repairs range upwards of $7,000.
Heavy snow build up pulls gutters away from the roof, causing exterior damages. The average cost for snow damaged roof repair is $3,000 – $6750.
Yearly pest control for mosquitoes costs on average $50 – $180.
The cost saved in your time, energy, and eventual headaches from problems and unforeseen issues you never knew were occurring every time your gutters clogged. Priceless!

Let’s go over why our gutter guard system is superior to others on the market today.

US Home Exteriors uses aluminum gutter guards with metal brackets, not plastic. The aluminum is weather resistant, does not rust or crack. Aluminum prevents erosion over time, and small rodents often gnaw on plastic. The reverse curve system required proper installation. Our professional installers get training to properly install the gutter guard at the appropriate angle for maximum protection and efficiency. The covered system eliminates gutter cleaning and protects your gutters from excessive wear, extending the life expectancy of your gutter installation.

In comparison, a gutter system that uses a screen keeps out large pieces but allows small debris. More garbage getting through can create a blocked gutter and still requires annual cleaning. More importantly, a screen enables snow to build up in the gutter trough and form into ice. Massive ice buildup weighs down on the channels and pulls down forcefully on your roof, causing damage to the gutters and eventually the structure of your roof.

Are you ready to make the change to maintenance-free gutter protection?

Great. US Home Exteriors provides gutter guard installation and has a 0% money down, 0% cost estimate, and a 0% financing option. Getting gutter protection has never been more affordable. Call now to have your questions answered or to set up a free quote. Phone (888) 282-6244.

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