Gutter Guard Installation

Our gutter protection system by GutterMagic® eliminates clogs, increases the lifespan of your gutters, and effectively directs water away from your home’s foundation. With the most proven gutter protection system in North Carolina, you will never need to climb up on the roof again. Our engineered GutterMagic system forces leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris to slide off the roof, keeping the gutters free and clear. #ConsiderItDone

Gutter Guards: Protecting your investment

Gutters are an absolute necessity in North Carolina. The soil composition and moisture levels in our climate make keeping water away from the foundation of your home an absolute must. A wet crawl space can your foundation to crack, the floor of your home to shift, the floor joist to rot, and even cause mold and mildew to form in the crawlspace of your home. Having a gutter system on your home will ensure that you can direct the water falling from your roof away from the wall of your home keeping your home safe from water and moisture issues.

The downside is that gutters require regular maintenance so that they continue to work properly. If gutters get clogged with debris then they become useless to prevent the damage around the wall of your home but can also cause wood damage on the overhangs of your home. That’s where we come in. Installing a gutter protection system to your gutters can reduce or even eliminate the maintenance to keep your gutters working properly. Making sure that your gutters keep working properly will ensure that you can protect your home from damage and direct the water flow around your home properly.

Gutter protection comes in a multitude of different types and styles. There are some styles of gutter protection that simply don’t work that well. There are also styles of gutter protection that have simple designs and require some level of maintenance. Beware! Some of these systems can sometimes be overpriced.

At US Home Exteriors, we are constantly doing our research on the latest greatest products on the market to make sure that we stay on the cutting edge when it comes to quality and innovative solutions for your home. After 17 years, we haven’t found anything that tops the quality of GutterMagic.

Put simply………..IT WORKS!

We have two options!

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A Completely Maintenance Free Solution

Most gutter protections systems still require some level of maintenance. If you are looking for a system that will be sure to keep you off the ladder and the roof then look no further than GutterMagic. This system is a solid panel that completely covers the gutter to keep debris out. Because of its patented nose-forward design, GutterMagic even works with small debris like pine needles and pin oak leaves.

There are a lot of gutter protection systems on the market that have some sort of clog warranty. Many of them guarantee that “the gutter won’t clog” but what if the system is some sort of screen or mesh product. The gutter won’t be the thing that clogs. Small debris will clog the screen or cover the mesh so that water can’t get in the gutter.  That’s why the GutterMagic warranty is simple and covers it all. It’s even guaranteed not to fade so it looks just as good on our customers homes as it did 17 years ago.

Lifetime Warranty Labor, Materials, No Clog, Tree Limb Damage, and even No Fade Finish.

A Low Maintenance Solution

There are rare situations and building designs where unfortunately our GutterMagic system can’t be installed. We also understand that everyone’s needs are different. If you are looking for a great product that can tremendously reduce the maintenance required to keep your gutters working then LeafBlaster Pro may be the solution for you. With a lower cost than our GutterMagic system, but a Lifetime Warranty to back it up, LeafBlaster Pro can keep your gutters working properly for years to come.

At US Home Exteriors, we will never overpromise any product that we provide or service that we offer. LeafBlaster Pro does require some maintenance. It is a mesh screen product so debris can sit on top of the screen and cause the gutters not work properly unless the screen is cleaned. However, with one quick sweep with an extended brush or other sweeping device you’ll be back in business. LeafBlaster Pro does require some limited attention and maintenance to ensure water is moving through the gutter properly but is a good option for any home.

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What makes our GutterMagic® gutter protection system the best?

GutterMagic works with your existing gutter system. If your gutters are not in good condition, don’t worry, we can replace them for you as well. The problem with most gutter protection systems is that there is usually a vulnerable area whether it be the front of the solid cover or holes in the screen material where debris can get caught or still enter the gutter.

Our installation professionals are trained to install your new GutterMagic system at the perfect angle for maximum protection and efficiency. GutterMagic has a patented solid nose forward design that keeps debris from entering the gutter and forces the debris to fall off of the front of the panel. The solid panel fits flush to your roof and only attaches to the patented smart bracket that goes inside the gutter. This bracket adds stability to your gutter and ensures that the GutterMagic panel always sits nose forward and in the right position. This bracket is made out a polymer and is flexible and won’t be compromised by cold temperatures but is sturdy enough to without heavy snow and ice load and tree limb damage.

The Solid GutterMagic panel is designed to slow the water down coming off the roof so that the volume of water will use “surface tension” to flow around the nose of the cover back into the gutter and away from your home. It is lab tested to handle 22″ of rain an hour per linear foot. That’s a lot of water!

The smart bracket gives us the ability to install the GutterMagic system without attaching to the roof which can void your roof warranty. The GutterMagic system not only keeps debris out but also protects your overhang and the existing gutter system on your home.

The bottom line is once GutterMagic is on your home you are done worrying about your gutters. If it ever clogs, we’ll come out and clean it! Without our no non-sense Lifetime Warranty it’s covered.

The Best Gutter Protection System
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What additional damage can be done by clogged gutters?

Gutters are necessary on any home to move the rainwater away from the home, but when the gutter system clogs with debris, you’re left with a huge problem. If the gutters clog they actually allow the type damage that they are designed to protect from: cracked foundation, moisture in the crawlspace, mildew under the house, cracked and stained sidewalks and walkways, and unnecessary erosion around the home. Additionally when gutters clog and overflow, they overflow both sides of the gutter causing water to get behind the gutter, potentially damaging the fascia, soffit, and rafters on the overhang of the home as well. All that wood damage can lead to twice the repairs and twice the structural damage. What makes GutterMagic unique is that it directs the water into the front of the gutter as well as keeping it from clogging so that the water stays away from the back of the gutter, protecting your overhangs as well the wall and crawlspace of your home.

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Can I get the gutter guard to match my existing gutters?

Many solid gutter covers are designed to match your gutters. That is not always the best solution. The most popular gutter system color is white. If you install a white cover it doesn’t take long for it to look very dingy and be an eye sore on the front of your home. That’s GutterMagic is designed to match the color of the roof so that it hides from view and continues to look good for years to come. When viewing your home from the outside, you will see the natural beauty of it, not an endless rim of rusty metal. Conventional gutters are designed to look like crown moulding. GutterMagic gives the appearance of the roof extending over the top of the gutter enhancing the look that the gutter was designed to have. GutterMagic has multiple colors to choose from so that we can enhance the appearance of your home, not distract from it. Ask one of our product specialist to assist you in picking out the color that will look best on your home.

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Save time and money.

Cleaning your gutters every season is a terrible task. Having gutter protection saves you time and money in gutter maintenance. With the US Home Exteriors gutter solution, you will never need to climb up on the roof again. Us Home exteriors gutter protection is maintenance-free. The gutter guard protection saves by eliminating costly breakages and repairs before they happen. The second way you save money is by protecting your gutters from excessive weight and damage. The additional pressure of clogged gutters can cause cracks and begin pulling away from the house. If the gutters start to pull away, then you are looking at costly repairs in roof damages and roof shingle that tear away. Preventing added weight damages saves you in the lifetime of your gutter system.

Gutter guards are your prevention and hands-free maintenance in protecting your gutter system. Save money upfront at gutter installation. US Home Exteriors provides gutter guard installation and has a 0% money down, 0% cost estimate, and a 0% financing option. Also, there are multiple discounts and offers to watch for. Getting gutter protection has never been more affordable.

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