Gutter Guards | Stay safe this fall and don't fall.

Outside the home, cleaning gutters cause many serious injurious falls every season.

The ISHN (Industrial Safety and Hygiene News) statistic shows 500,000 falls occur from ladders annually; 97% occur at home or on farms. More alarming is that out of fatal falls, 38% are from a ladder or roof.

With gutters free of leaves and objects, you stay safe from possible fall injury during gutter cleaning. Stop fall risk! Safety is important. Additionally, as we all get older, injuries become more serious and even fatal. An older person has a higher risk factor due to bone health. For an older adult, the dangers of gutter cleaning become greater. Don’t put yourself at risk any longer.

US Home Exteriors gutter guard protection eliminates fall risk from ladders or roofs. We provide a hands-free maintenance system so you will never have to climb a ladder to empty the gutter trough again. The hooded leaf guard system forces leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris to slide off the roof, keeping the gutters free and clear. Further, it prevents small rodents from nesting in the gutter trenches.

Gutter maintenance involves risk. Climbing on a ladder to remove leaves that clog water flow is dangerous. Know the fall risk factors about gutter cleaning.

You may think you can handle a ladder, but with over 500,000 falls per year, we urge you to rethink your fall risk assessment. It is easier to prevent falls than to heal a fracture. What are among the top reasons for a fall related injury to occur when cleaning gutters?

  • Unstable ladder due to uneven ground or setting
  • Use of an old or poorly maintained ladder
  • Vertigo and dizziness
  • Clothing snags that cause a fall
  • Inappropriate footwear or worn-out soles that slip
  • Contact with electrical wiring
  • Improper use of the ladder, such as stepping on the highest rung
  • Being startled, usually by small vermin hiding in the gutter trough
  • Extended reach beyond the balance point
  • Using the wrong type of ladder for the job

Seasonal gutter maintenance is both dangerous and needless. Fall injury is real. Do you want to risk a hip fracture? As a homeowner, let’s put fall risk to rest. US Home Exteriors has your maintenance free gutter guards available for gutter installation today. The patented GutterMagic covered rain gutter protection allows water to flow freely into the maintenance-free gutter trough while keeping out leaves and other small debris. You’ll never need to climb on a ladder again – at least, not to clean your gutters.

full gutter

Fall is approaching, act now to get your maintenance-free gutter guards installed.

When we examine all the evidence, this is truly a no-brainer! Fall prevention needs to be the homeowner’s top priority. Injurious falls from a ladder can easily be fatal falls from the height of a rooftop.

The Benefits of a professionally installed gutter protection system by Us Home Exteriors

A “by-the-numbers” look at some of the benefits you’ll gain by getting a gutter protection system.

  1. Save money, no longer hire seasonal gutter cleaning.
    It is easy to see a return on investment when you no longer have to pay a company to clean your gutters every season. Remove the annual fee and no longer need to hire out professional maintenance or perform seasonal cleanup on your own.
  2. Avoid falls or injury.
    No homeowner wants to be out of commission for recovery or in physical therapy from a fall injury that can easily be prevented. Additionally, an older patient has a longer recovery time for injury.
  3. Avoid possible hospital bills and recovery costs.
    The high expenditure for hospital bills and physical therapist costs is something everyone easily wishes to dodge. Most of us know all too well how quickly these bills add up.
  4. Avoid a homeowner’s insurance claim.
    Insurance claims often want to know if there were ways to prevent falls that occur. The investigation could find you at fault for known fall risks or failure to take proper fall prevention measures. Not only will the insurance claim be a potential hassle, but if settled, you’ll likely see your premiums go up.
  5. No maintenance upkeep every season.
    The covered gutter system is focused on being low maintenance and does not require leaf removal. If, for some reason, the system does clog, call us. Your gutter cleaning problems are over.
  6. Gutters continue to flow free of clogs.
    Peace of mind knowing the gutter guards are working correctly all year long. Additionally, you reduce possible roof damage from ice buildup and gutters clogging up.
  7. Avoid contact with harmful bacteria and molds that build up in clogged gutters.
    Ask any nurse, and they will tell you bacteria make us sick. Coming in direct contact with bacteria and mold attacks our immune system. The CDC Center for Disease Control frequently warns adults of the dangers of mold. Certainly, an older person is at increased risk. When these bacterias enter our system, they are tough to overcome and are downright dangerous to our bodies.
  8. Avoid possible small rodents.
    The covered system prevents small rodents from getting into the gutters and causing damage to the roof and gutter system or building nests that clog. Furthermore, no one wants to encounter rodents when cleaning out a gutter trench. These vermin are yet another risk factor that disease control warns about. Rodents have multiple risk factors. They carry diseases and can bite. Stay clear!

Where do I get a superior Gutter Guard installation company?

US Home Exteriors has been installing the patented GutterMagic gutter guards for years. Our professionals are top of the line in installing a properly-designed gutter guard protection system. Our experts boast decades of combined experience. US Home Exteriors is a full-service North Carolina home exterior construction and remodeling company. Since 2004, we have provided our neighbors throughout central North Carolina with high-quality exterior home remodeling and renovation services.

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