Patio Covers seasonal tips – How to extend your patio season into autumn

Get addicted to your covered patio. Down south has it good. When you live down south, you don’t close up your patio after Labor Day. What we all love about our Carolina home exteriors is being outdoors. So, let’s make the most of it. Extend your patio season well into autumn. Here’s how.

patio cover - friends outside

Patio covers bring you outside.

By far, the most valuable tip is to invest in a covered patio. Patio covers shelter you from the rain or even light snow. They also open up a new outdoor enclosure and encourage get-togethers. Likewise, they provide an additional living space. Choosing the patio cover that’s best for all seasons takes a bit of thinking. Let’s look at some key factors.

Covered patio or a sunroom?

Many southern homeowners opt for a solid patio cover rather than a fully enclosed sunroom or screen room. They do so because a fully enclosed sunroom cuts off the outdoors’ feelings and limits the size of the gathering. Further, it still connects the gathering area directly to the interior of the home. When we have an outdoor social event, we often want it to stay outdoors. Outside we can also extend from under the covering into the yard. From an outdoor experience, the home’s exterior benefits from a covered outdoor area with roofing. Accordingly, this option provides shelter and shading when needed yet still allows for a completely open atmosphere. The open expanse does not limit space as in a screen room or enclosed sunroom. For this reason, covered patios get the A+.

covered patio
patio covers - design

The patio cover, the mistake of design over function.

People often make the mistake of thinking about the style of the new patio cover they fancy before thinking about the functions going on underneath. Suppose you intend to extend your patio season well into the fall, and we hope you do. In that case, you’ll most certainly want to think about function before exterior style. For example, for the patio cover to be useful in the fall season, you’ll need a ceiling that endures the external weather and any additional heat sources placed under it. Heating sources include grills or outdoor kitchens and a mobile heat source such as a gas heater or fireplace. Consequently, due to flammable materials, thatch, canvas, or wood structures are a home exterior’s biggest fire hazard. Glass and plexiglass panels are equally hazardous because extreme heat or cold causes these materials to crack or shatter.

The best patio cover ceiling for full-season functionality.

For full-season functionality, you’ll want Lexan® panels. Lexan® panels are not glass or plexiglass, nor wood or fabric in construction. Lexan® polycarbonate sheets withstand heat above 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, unlike glass, canvas, or wood, Lexan panels are safe to grill under and safe for optional heating sources such as a fire pit. Additionally, these panels reduce harmful UV rays.

US Home Exteriors has patio cover installation professionals who use Lexan® panels for the greatest comfort and durability. Indeed, this is an excellent way to enjoy your outdoor living area.

bright covers patio panels
covered patio wired for sound

Wiring the outdoor space for sound.

It’s always a well-thought-out plan to wire your patio for both sound and lighting. Consider if you want to have the guys over to watch the big game. In this case, obviously, you’ll need the patio cover wired for TV and sound. Subsequently, it’s likely also to run late, which means outdoor lighting. Similarly, consider if you want to have the girls over to practice yoga. In this scenario, your new patio cover needs wiring for relaxing sounds and soothing music. Yet, for those sweltering hot days, you’ll also want an overhead ceiling fan. Finally, let’s assume you enjoy late-night drinks with friends and family. Now we’ll be considering a gas or electric fireplace whose elegance maintains closeness and happy family feelings when the outdoor living area becomes chilly. Having your patio cover built with wiring is a solid idea any way you look at it.

Embrace the fire.
Install an exterior fire pit.

When you wish to adopt the true autumn season, nothing says fall like roasting marshmallows by the fire. Everyone likes gathering around the fire pit for roasting marshmallows or eating s’mores. These actions quickly become a family favorite for fall traditions. As the season turns a bit colder, try roasting chestnuts as winter approaches. Also, you can carve pumpkins outdoors by the fire. Memories get made around the fire pit.

Don’t let the late evening hours and chilly night air keep you from enjoying the space your patio cover creates. It’s easy to curl up next to a loved one near a roaring outdoor fireplace. Likewise, bring out a comfortable blanket and settle in for a cozy evening outdoors. Wire the patio cover for soft evening lighting and enjoy it both day and night.

patio cover - fire pit
patio cover outdoor cleanup

Easy maintenance and clean-up on the patio.

From a homeowner’s perspective, having a party outside keeps the mess and clean-up to a minimum. Be worry-free about guests wandering through your home, making muddy tracks. Let go of the stress of overexerting yourself with household cleaning before and after a gathering. When we have a crowd indoors, we often stress over how to make our entire living space visible to our guests. Outdoor visiting keeps it simple. Everyone enjoys the company, and you concentrate on setup and clean-up in a singular area, not your entire home.

Patio covers that are safe to grill under.

A common issue with an outdoor area not set up for food is that the cook has to remain indoors while all the guests mingle outside. Free up your time for visiting on the patio with your guests by building a custom outdoor kitchen or grilling station. Cooking outdoors cuts down on the amount of time the cook spends away from their company. In conclusion, great conversations happen while the cooking goes on, whether you’re there or not. Don’t miss out. Whatever your desire, there’s a beautiful outdoor patio cover solution waiting for you. Will you grill or enjoy an outdoor kitchen? Don’t miss a thing.

grilling - patio covers
covered patio bar

Outdoor kitchen Vs. Outdoor bar.

Even in the fall, the allure of the outdoor bar sounds appealing to the younger crowds and youthful masses. The outdoor bar trend is nice for youthful get-togethers and evenings alone with loved ones. On the other hand, we often find that our guests enjoy food far more than drinks. Consequently, a mobile drink station or drink cart paired with hors d’oeuvres is a classic favorite that even the younger crowd enjoys. Either way, with an outdoor kitchen or bar, your patio cover is going to be the envy of the block party.

Jacuzzi under the stars with a custom patio.

Consider adding a hot tub to extend your deck or patio’s usefulness year-round. Outdoor hot tubs get used throughout the year. Many people enjoy getting into a hot tub and having the exhilarating cool breeze on their faces as they stay warm in temperature-controlled water. Hot tubs are known to be relaxing. They help relax muscles after a workout and are a nice warm place to relax with a favorite book. Either way, introducing a jacuzzi is a sure-fire way to increase your patio activity for the fall and winter seasons.

jacuzzi outside - covered patio
curb appeal mums- patio covers

Patio covers extend the curb appeal of Carolina home exteriors.

Plant fruit trees with fall-bearing fruits such as apples and pears. A garden with pumpkins will also bloom in the fall and bring in many bright autumn colors that boost curb appeal. Adding color to the foliage is an easy way for the homeowner to increase curb appeal and keep the outdoor living area looking lively during autumn. Additionally, pumpkins are traditionally a welcoming fall front door or porch decoration.

Why choose a covered patio over a deck?

The covered patio is the better choice over a deck because the patio cover’s ceiling protects against the elements. Additionally, panels with UV protection against harmful UV rays prevent fading from sun exposure. Having a covered patio allows the ceiling to create an enclosure rather than a fully exposed outside space. For instance, when we think about a deck, we imagine deck furniture, often wooden or plastic. Yet, now the picture changes when we expand to thinking about a covered patio with a solid patio cover. We envision an entire outdoor living space complete with comfortable patio furniture and accessories such as cushions, pillows, and blankets. We automatically recognize this difference because of the protection and additional options the solid patio cover offers.

Choosing a solid patio cover also offers the ability to incorporate electronics into your outdoor entertaining space. Radio or TV hookup increases patio usage significantly. Consequently, you’ll also get the perfect mix of both sunlight and shade. Lastly, the solid ceiling of a patio cover makes the outdoor space useful even in light rain.

patio covers

What other things do I need to consider to enjoy and extend my patio season?

Bugs and rodents

  • If the patio lights draw bugs, then plant bug repellent plants. Such plants include; Lavender, Chrysanthemums, Petunias, or Marigolds.

  • If you have a wood-burning fireplace or a fire pit, you’ll need a supply of wood. Keep wood as dry as possible but store it away from the dwelling. Piles of timber draw small rodents and plenty of bugs.

Outdoor storage

  • Think about outdoor storage for keeping blankets easily accessible. If blankets are readily available, you’re less likely to go inside once one of you becomes slightly chilly. The ease of pulling out a cozy blanket for comfort will keep you outside longer.

  • Outdoor storage is also helpful for patio furniture cushions. When an unseasonably warm day occurs, you have the cushions ready for instant use and are easily stored again. A hassle-free setup means the likelihood of increased usage.


  • A homeowner often buys a small pressure washer for quick and easy seasonal deck clean-up for maintenance. Pressure washing the deck floor each spring keeps it free of debris as well as possible mold or mildew buildup.

  • Having cleaning whips and an outdoor trash receptacle is often all you’ll need for light everyday maintenance.

We hope you choose US Home Exteriors. Our North Carolina home exteriors professionals dedicate themself to craftsmanship and superior customer service, doing an excellent job every time. US Home exteriors use beautiful patio cover materials proudly made in the USA. Additionally, the materials are recyclable supplies to help keep our environment safe and clean too. US Home exteriors are happy to help you decide all the factors that make your outdoor living space your ideal dream home’s exterior. Financing options are available. Remarkably, your next house project is only moments away.

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