Patio Covers Installation

Your new patio cover brings elegance to your outdoor space. A properly installed patio cover will compliment your home and make your house the best place to be on the block. #LivingCovered

Taking back your backyard. Patio covers build a life outdoors.

Patio covers create a beautifully cool shaded area to sit under and enjoy life. Further, you’ll enjoy designing a beautiful outdoor living space and taking advantage of the shade a patio cover can offer.

Under the sun

Learn to enjoy the outside again.

As a homeowner, you pay a lot for your home and all the living space it offers. Often we forget that includes outdoor space. So, please make the most of it with a beautiful new patio cover and begin enjoying the forgotten backyard. Patio covers provide cool shade from the hot summer sun. While additionally providing protection from the rain.

Your new patio cover brings elegance to your outdoor space. Also, it adds to your resale value and the overall appeal of the house. A properly installed patio cover will compliment your home and improve curb appeal. It will also make your house the best place to be on the block. Friends and family will enjoy the openness of gathering outside. Similarly, they enjoy the comfortable living space you created with outdoor furniture, music, lighting, and more.

My Style and needs

What I want in my patio cover.

When we think about outdoor living space, we all have a different idea of what we want. The first decision is discovering what features you want in your new living space.

What patio products and outdoor furniture you choose will be entirely up to you. However, whatever your custom outdoor living space includes, we design the perfect structure for it. We’ll be happy to help you figure out what features you need under your cover.

Custom wiring

Wired For Sound

As a trusted contractor in patio covers, we can pre-wire the awning according to your needs. Patio covers can provide many options. US Home Exteriors patio cover installation will pre-wire canopies, awnings, and patio covers for lighting, TV, radio speakers, or even a ceiling fan. Products later to be installed by a certified electrician of your choosing.

The grill master

Grilling under the patio panels.

One of the most spectacular features of our patio covers is that you can grill under them. Our panels are Lexan®, not glass or plexiglass. Lexan® polycarbonate sheet withstands heat above 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. So, unlike glass, canvas, or wood, it is safe to grill under our patio covers—indeed another great way to enjoy outside.

Business enhancement

Commercial Installation.

Patio covers increase the elegant look and feel of your establishment while at the same time increasing revenue. Whether you want a cool shaded space for additional outdoor seating or an attractive covered walkway from your parking to the establishment, we have the solution.

Maybe your business needs the aesthetics of a stunningly covered outdoor area for your guests to enjoy rain or shine. Alternately, your patio cover option may be a pleasant, small awning at the front door for people coming and going. Most importantly, our awning covers won’t reduce the light coming through the front door.

US Home Exteriors proudly quotes your commercial installation needs for any patio cover option your business needs. See our professional installers for creative solutions to your outdoor issues, entryways, reception areas, and more.

In the eye of the beholder

Sizes and custom designs.

Every job is different. US Home Exteriors builds a design specific to your needs. Whether you require a small space covered or a large commercial area, we’ll quote out the job for you. So, if you’re covering an entryway, a hot tub, a backyard patio, or a spacious outdoor venue, we design the space to work for your needs.

We are #1

What’s great about our patio covers?

US Home Exteriors uses a solid cover that allows in natural light. You get durability and protection of a solid roof while also allowing natural light through. We use superior quality products known for their strength and durability along with extreme weather-resistance. Our coverings protect from harmful UV rays while letting natural light into the enclosure. Furthermore, products uphold all industry standards in design and testing for wind and snow loads. Additionally, our materials will not corrode or rust over time.

These bright solution patio covers prevent the inner building from becoming dark and void of its natural light source. Canvas or solid structures provide shade. However, they also reduce the light and prevent natural sunlight from entering the home or business. In turn, this makes your home very dark and uninviting. US Home Exteriors works hard to enhance the overall house, not make the inside less enjoyable. Our outdoor patio covers enhance the home’s living space both inside and out. A bright sunny day should still look and feel like a bright sunny day, even from inside your home. We say, let the light in!

Areas That Can Be Covered:

  • Patio

  • Deck

  • Porch

  • Hot Tub

  • Upper Deck

  • Free Standing Space

  • Grilling Space

  • Outdoor Bar

  • Carport

  • Covered Walkway

  • Commercial Dining Area

  • Commercial Pool Area

The beauty of benefits

Our materials are proudly made in the USA.

Materials are also recyclable supplies to help our environment. Next, an added benefit for you is that our panels have a UV protective coating to block harmful UV rays. Specifically, this UV block will help prevent fading of your outdoor furniture as well as protect your skin from harmful rays. Additionally, the Lexan® panels are resistant to breaking and able to withstand extreme temperatures without damages. Finally, we also offer labor and materials 20-year warranty for your added protection. Meanwhile, the panels are easy to clean. Most stay clean with mere rainwater. However, if they need cleaning, a solution of mild soap and water without any abrasives is all you’ll ever need.

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