Patio Doors 

Patio doors are a great way to gain light into your home and the perfect entrance to your backyard oasis. An old patio door can be very inefficient though. With Provia, we have the most energy efficient glass package specifically designed for our North Carolina and with all the options that are available, we are sure to find a door that will be the perfect fit for your home! Call to schedule a free consultation today!

A beautiful Patio Door that is safe, secure, and energy-efficient.

Your Patio Door can be the focal point and the most trafficked and used door in your home. We also want it to be inviting, comfortable, and secure. With Provia Patio Doors we can customize a door that is sure to meet all your needs and help save you money in the process!

Defining the Standard for Beauty

Fineline ™ technology gives your door and perfected look that allows you to enjoy the beauty of your door without distraction. The goal of a vinyl door is to give you the added benefits of permanence and efficiency and still give you that authentic wood look. With Fineline™ Provia has finally been able to accomplish that goal of giving you that authentic craftsman look to your door. With the wood grain option on the inside of the door, you can a more beautiful and more permanent door than you could ever have with wood. 

Safety and Security

One of the dangers of an old outdated Patio door is the false sense of security. Many old doors have a lever or a drop bar that falls down into the track to keep the door from opening. Over time they can often break and easily pop out of place. Many times the handle doesn’t latch correctly after a number of years of use.

AccuVent™ is a two part interconnecting system at the sash rail and a ratcheting option at the top of the patio frame giving you multiple venting options. Provia doors can also come with a Footlock to allow to easily lock the door into place with your foot with minimal effort. We want to make sure that your safe with the most toughest and most secure Patio door on the market today.

Energy Efficient Frame 

Provia Patio door frames are filled with Neopor® Graphite Polystyrene insulation which gives maximum efficiency and stability. Not only does this insulation give protection against conductive heat and cold in the frame of the door, but Neopor reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror. Most polymer based foams loose the ability to slow the transfer of energy as the temperature decreases. Neopor is unique in the fact that it’s R-value increases as the temperature outside drops. 

Custom Fit! Finding the Patio Door that’s right for you

When you’re looking for a new patio door, US Home Exteriors is the perfect door installation fit for beautiful and timeless doors. We simply beat the competition when it comes to options, aesthetics, and warranty.

We custom build all of our doors with the strongest materials and glass on the market so that we can ensure the strongest warranty on the market. You can’t beat lifetime! All of our doors comes with a full Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Labor.

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