Replacement Window Installation

Window replacement is comparably inexpensive way to bring new life to your home. It is the one home improvement project that can give you the fastest return on investment. Every home and every climate is different. With so many years of experience, we have done our research. We have found the perfect window for North Carolina homes, and with so many style and color options to choose from, we are sure to have the perfect fit for your home. 

Are you literally throwing money out the window?

Energy saving and energy efficiency is the primary consideration we hear when customers are thinking about replacement window options. The way a home is designed and where the windows are located can be a key consideration when building a home. It can also be a key consideration when considering what home improvement task to take on first. In some situations replacing your windows with new energy efficient windows can decrease the “BTU Heat Load” of a home significantly. What does this mean?

This means that the requirement for HVAC equipment to heat and cool the home drops. It means that HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard and as often to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you a great deal of money.

According to study done by Energy Star, changing out your old single-pane or even your newer double-paned clear glass windows to energy efficient windows, you can save up to $465 a year. When you upgrade to an energy-efficient window with proper installation, there is no doubt that you will save on your utility bills. Plus, some experts say that replacing your windows can increase the value of your home by 70%-75% of the total value of the window. So, the right window can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

What makes residential windows energy saving?

There are three ways you can loose your energy through a window:

Heat and cold can conduct through the glass and even the frame of the window. Temperatures can travel through a surface, much like putting you hand on a hot spot on the stove and feeling the heat.

Heat can radiate through a surface. The most notable example of this is the super hot temperatures you get in an attic in the summer. The heat can radiate through the roof and build up ion your attic. This is the biggest way we loose energy in the southern climates through our windows with heat radiating thought the glass raising the temperature in the room. This is why many homes are designed with the AC registers under the windows to begin cooling the room at the heat source.

With a window that a operates, you end up with many places around the edge that can leave gaps where cold winds in the winter can blow into the room. Many windows are not sealed very well around the bottom, top, and in-between the sashes leaving many areas for cold winds to get through.

With out signature Heritage Windows, we have a barrier that protects against all three of these energy losses. With re-enforced glass and frame, we make sure your covered and protected all year round!

The Glass

LoĒ³-366 by Cardinal Glass gives you the ultimate protection all year round. The spacer between the glass is a non-conductive stainless steel which means that unlike other LoE glass the temperature doesn’t change between the middle of thee glass and the edge of the glass. With the extreme temperatures we get in North Carolina in the summer ordinary glass just can’t handle thee heat. Adding tint to the glass may be inexpensive but it ruins the view. Our glass has been formulated to keep the extreme heat out without affecting the view. It also reflects 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is the only LoE glass that can qualify for ENERGY STAR in all 4 climate zones!

The Window Spacer System

XL Edge Glass

XL Edge IG comes with the lowest failure rate in the industry. In fact, we’ve personally never seen a failure on this glass package!

The non- conductive stainless steel spacer keeps the extreme temperatures away from the glass, which means that the glass remains the same temperature around the edge as it does in the middle. This allow us to offer a superior U-factor rating way above the competition. We also fill the glass with Argon gas to give it a dense space to keep extreme cold temperatures from creeping in.

Our edge deletion process allows us to ensure that the seal failure doesn’t happen. Glass expands and contracts and in extreme situations this can cause the seal to break away from the glass itself allowing the Argon gas to escape and allowing moisture and dirt to get in-between the glass. There is no way to clean this, so often times the glass just looks nasty and dirty forever leaving you with a window you can’t see out of. With Edge Deletion we ensure the spacer is sealed to a clean glass surface from the beginning to make sure there is a secure sealing process that won’t fail. We want to make sure that your windows look good for the life of your home.

Foam Insulated Frames

High Density Foam-Filled Frames and Magna Seal

The most efficient door in your home is……….your refrigerator door.

What if we could deal your windows just as tight? How much money do you think you could save on your energy bills?

Our signature Heritage Windows come standard with High Density Foam Insulation inside the frames as well as the sash. This gives the body of the Heritage window an R-value of R-38. This the equivalent of new building code for your attic insulation!

Plus with our exclusive Magna Seal at the bottom of each double hung window, we can ensure a tight seal every time you close your window. Just like your refrigerator door Magna Seal utilizes a magnetic strip at the bottom of the window that pulls the window closed and every time you let the sash down and makes sure there is no gap for air to flow through. We want to make sure that you can enjoy sitting by your windows in the summer and the winter just as comfortably.

Neat Glass

Neat+ Glass

Mother Nature + Science = Clean Glass

Neat+ Glass includes a titanium dioxide coating on the exterior that reacts with the sun’s UV rays and causes greenhouse gases and other pollutants on the glass to decompose.

It has an anti-static surface that reduces dust buildup by 40%.

Neat+ allows the water to dissipate along the surface when it rains essentially using the rainwater to actually help keep your windows clean.

Even without regular cleaning Neat+ Glass means that your windows actually stay cleaner much longer with little to no effort on your part.

Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty

We understand things can happen. While we are not claiming that your window can’t or won’t break in certain circumstances, we will guarantee that we will replace the glass at no charge for the life of your home.

Laminated glass strengthens the glass and helps with impact resistance and keeps the glass held together in the event that something does damage it. You are also doubly protected with double pane glass.

If something happens, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Whether it is a baseball, a rock from the mower, or storm damage, in the event your glass breaks we will replace it at no charge.

Lifetime Full Screen Warranty

All of our Signature Heritage Windows come standard with a Full Flex Screen that can not only withstand north wear and tear but the harshest of elements from Mother Nature and man alike! Flex Screen is made of a stretchy nylon material that can take a beating and still stay intact. In fact, if it breaks or tears we’ll replace it at no cost to you.

Flex Screen is super easy to remove and then re-install from any of our double hung, slider, and bay windows. Check out the video below:

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What style window are you looking for?

All of our windows incorporate all the safety and energy saving solutions described above. All you need to do is discuss what style window you’re looking for and  your installation timeframe.

With our “triple Zero” payment program, we have payment options like zero down until you’re satisfied. That means we’ll do all the work on your window replacement project, get everything done with the proper installation before you make any payments. That with 0% financing and our experience working with multiple banks mean we can get you into your dream home. Increase the comfort you feel in your home as well as your curb appeal by selecting a different window type throughout your home. Make it easier to keep your home clean and safe by replacing some or all of your single hung windows with a new double hung window with better insulation than traditional wood or aluminum windows.

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