When it comes to a window replacement project, you want all the facts behind where your money is going. In this article, we help you explore and decide what factors are essential for you when purchasing a replacement window.

Feel confident you are making the correct choice in window style for your comfort and design preferences. Certainly, the cost of new windows should encompass the features you are looking for as a homeowner.

Let’s decide what replacement window traits are important to both your needs and style.

Affordable Vinyl Windows

What window type is best for your purpose?

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a low cost, low maintenance option. Vinyl is an affordable quality material that also provides an energy efficient window. Some of the benefits of a vinyl frame include: versatility in window style and design, high energy efficiency, ease of clean, longevity, and low maintenance. Due to the fact that vinyl is a manmade plastic, not made of wood or wood products, vinyl is resistant to moisture. Meaning, vinyl windows will not mildew, mold, or rot. So, in turn, it provides greater longevity for the life and maintenance of the window. US Home Exteriors superior vinyl products also may be painted which some vinyl vendors can’t do.

As an added bonus, vinyl has an easy and quick installation process. Meaning your home improvement project takes less time to complete, getting you living normal faster. Additionally, you get a lower installation cost and financing options. When it comes to cost Vs. value vinyl windows hold their value and have a higher return on investment.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass replacement windows are still more expensive than vinyl but acts as a low-cost secondary option. These windows can be challenging to install and are not as readily available on the market. Window replacement costs for fiberglass windows also increase because of the extended time and difficulty with installation.

Because fiberglass windows are painted, they peel and chip under severe weather conditions and over time. Furthermore, they require regular maintenance and will fade in sunlight, which also results in needing periodic painting. The main benefit of fiberglass is their durability outlasts other window type options available.

Wood Windows

People often feel that a wood window provides a far more traditional look and feel. Yet, through technology, this feeling is equally duplicated with many vinyl options.

Wood has the crucial fault of moisture buildup. Wooden frames create many issues, such as warping, mildew, mold, and rot. The accumulation of moisture cuts down on the life expectancy of the replacement window and its energy efficiency. Wood windows require regular maintenance to avoid moisture buildup and the damage it causes. Additionally, preservation is needed to limit energy loss over the lifetime of your window. The simple benefit of wood is that you paint it when you want to change color in the future.

Composite Windows

A composite window is very similar to a wood window in that it has the same general characteristics. Composite windows are a meld of wood products and polymers or resins. Due to the fact that it is a composite technology, you will never get the same blend of composite from varying vendors. Therefore, if anything happens where one window needs replacing, it likely will not be fashioned of the same composition used in your original composite windows. Consequently, because the mixture is always different, the cost will vary from vendor to vendor. The varying range can be expensive.

Further, it still has issues with moisture, which reduces life expectancy and energy efficiency and requires regular maintenance. Again, the main benefit is its ability to be painted if you ever wish to change colors.

Triple pane, double pane, or single pane window glass

Increasing the number of glass panes improves your energy efficiency and weather and climate defense. Nowadays, the window replacement cost generally includes a double pane glass installation. The space between the panes acts as an insulator and increases your energy efficiency. We recommend double pane glass on all new window replacements. Old window panes are often only single pane glass. For energy efficiency and increased home value, replace all old windows.

Advances in technology allow US Home Exteriors to use an insulated double pane glass product that is more energy efficient than a triple pane. It’s cheaper as well as lighter and therefore easier to install.

What window style are you looking for?

With our lender relationships, we can offer a payment plan which works for you. Payment terms are flexible and include options for no money down as well as zero percent interest options.

Beautiful New Windows

What is the most energy efficient window?

Window energy efficiency grades on an R-value. In the US, the Energy STAR program requires a rating of R-3. Most double pane windows in the market today offer a value of R-3 to R-5.

US Home Exteriors is a premier window company that uses R-5 rated glass. Their vinyl window frame offers a 32.4 R-value, thanks to innovative VyCore™ foam insulation. Energy Saver R-5 Glass provides over 25% more insulated padding helping to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We go above and beyond your energy-saving expectations.

Do vinyl window replacements come in multiple color options and faux wood grains?

Yes. Multiple exterior colors are available. US Home Exterior uses a VyCoat Exterior Coating system. It adds durability and long-lasting beauty in a variety of color options. Additionally, interior wood grain laminates are available to enhance your style. Color options are divided by pattern and texture. The traditional grid patterns are Diamond, Prairie, and Colonial. Other patterns are also available depending on the style and shape of the window.

Will the window style I choose change my window replacement cost?

Yes, what window style you choose factors into your window price. Your window replacement will enhance our home for years to come and amplify the overall beauty of the structure. Keeping this in mind, it’s always best to think about the style you are looking to obtain first. Thus, you are sure to achieve the beauty and look for your ideal dream home in the end.

US Home exterior can quickly and easily go over price differences with you when developing a comprehensive window installation quote. Having an idea of what you want your windows to show visually helps make the homeowner’s decision-making process more comfortable. After speaking with a window expert, you’ll have time to think it over and decide what style and price point fit your replacement window cost budget.

Can I get help financing my window replacement cost?

US Home Exteriors offers many financing and payment plans to assist with replacement window cost. Learn more about our financing options on our financing page where you can request to speak to a financing expert or get pre-approved through our easy to use online form. Let us help you find the right product for your home and budget. We are proud to offer virtual appointments and in-home consultations.

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