Vinyl Siding Installation

Siding gives your home a new, improved look. It also is about protecting your home’s exterior. Vinyl siding is low maintenance and weather-resistant to ensure your home’s exterior stays looking beautiful. #HomeFaceLift

Vinyl Siding Protection and Beauty

Vinyl siding protects your home’s exterior from harsh weather while embracing a stylish and unique beauty. US Home Exteriors install insulated vinyl siding that is both durable against the elements and energy-efficient. The beauty of our siding characterizes your home to show the qualities you always dreamed about in a house. Your dreams can be built, starting here.

We Have Options!

No matter what your home looks like now, we have many styling options to choose from to completely transform the look of your home and bring new curb appeal. Our Product Specialist can guide you through the process and help with visuals to better help you choose the right look for your home.

Horizontal Insulated Siding

Specialty Shape Siding

Board and Batten Siding

Composite Cladding

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything! There is no other home improvement that can transform the appearance of your home like replacing the siding. That being said it’s an important decision. You want to make sure that you get the right solution and the right look for your home. At US Home Exteriors, we want to make sure that you have the right solution practically and aesthetically

Seamless Look

The less seams you have on the wall of the home the less distractions you have to the beauty of the home. That’s why many of our horizontal siding products come available in 16′ long panels. The longer the panels, the less seams on the wall of the home, giving you a more seamless and authentic wood look on your home

Durable Look

The disadvantage of many vinyl products on the market is the movement that you can get because of the hollow space between the panel and the wall. This can leave gaps in the seams of the siding and leave movement that take away from the authentic look of the siding itself. Many of our siding options are pre-insulated so that they add energy savings but also give you a solid look and feel giving you a truly authentic look on your home

True Wood Grain

Many of the vinyl siding products on the market have some sort of simulated wood grain texture to them. This is to try to give you an authentic wood look while giving you a maintenance free siding option. However, many of these options leave a less than desired look. Our pure vinyl products are different. The wood grain texture on our products are actually molded from an actual piece of the lumber that it is imitating, leaving you with a truly authentic wood grain texture that gives you the ultimate curb appeal!

Lifetime No Fade Warranty

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl and composite siding is the warranty. Wood siding solutions have a certain life expectancy. In fact budget vinyl products can have a short lifespan as well. At US Home Exteriors we only use the highest quality vinyl and composite materials that come with a full lifetime warranty and that even covers the color! Plus, we are so confident that the warranty is fully transferrable to the next home owner if you decided to sell your home!

Increase in Value

The name of the game in any improvement project is your return on investment. The decision to make any home improvement can be emotional and logical at the same time. With a siding project the logical side of that decision can a simple one to make. According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing existing siding with insulated vinyl siding can increase the value of your home 76% of the cost of the project. No other home improvement project gives you this type of return on investment

Low Maintenance

Over the years we helped a lot of people, so as you can imagine, we have heard lots of stories. The one narrative that seams to keep repeating itself is always some version of spending really good money on a home improvement project only to end up having constant issues and repairs. Eventually the homeowner gets tired of the battle and starts over and has the work done all over again. We know a lot of people that have been burned this way. At US Home Exteriors we are committed to finding the most permanent solutions on the market, so that once the work is done you can rest easy and never have to worry about it again. It’s expensive enough once without having to do it twice! We also carry a Lifetime Warranty to back it up. The goal of any home improvement is low maintenance. We want to make sure that you enjoy your new project without all the hassle.

Lifetime No Fade vs. Painting

The most common complaint with conventional wood siding products is the maintenance that is involved. Wood and fiber cement products all require painting, re-caulking, and in many situations pressure washing on regular basis. Wood, Masonite, and Fiber Cement products can be prone to rotting, crumbling, and cracking as well. While vinyl can’t rot, many vinyl products can be prone to cracking, staining, and fading. We only use the highest level of products with the highest level of manufacturing standards. Even our budget options come with a Lifetime Warranty against cracking, staining, and fading. We want to make sure that once it’s done……….it’s done

Secure Locking System

Have you ever seen “Happy Siding”? Our siding comes with a deep locking system to hold it in place, making sure that even in the harshest of conditions it stays secure and looking nice on your home


Because of the purity of the materials that our manufacturer uses, our siding materials hold up to the harshest of abuse. Whether it is the weather or….shall we say…….human error (yeah, that’s it…human error), our siding will take a beating and still hold up

Ease of Installation

Speaking of human error, nobody’s perfect. So, it stands to reason that the easier the product is to install, the more confident we can be in our labor guarantee. We only accept the best from our installers and quality is our most important focus. However, our siding products are designed to be easy to handle and install. That means that we can be less invasive and get your job installed quicker. Plus, we can offer a lifetime warranty on labor with every job that we do

Withstanding the Elements

The weather and environment can have a huge impact on the exterior of your home. Since we happen to be experts in exterior solutions, we understand what things need to be considered when looking for the perfect solution for the exterior of your home to hold up under the harshest conditions. That’s why we have very strict requirements as to what passes muster when it comes to siding materials. We want to make sure that Mother Nature is no competition 

Impact Resistance

Have you ever seen vinyl siding on a home after several years that has cracks and holes in the wall. It can absolutely ruin the look of the home and with many cheaper vinyl products there is no easy fix. Because of fading it can be impossible to repair the damaged section because it can be difficult to match. Not only does our siding not fade, but it can withstand the harshest of abuse. Whether it is a storm, a rock, baseball, or any other heavy impact, our siding will hold up to the heaviest of impact to ensure it maintains the same look for the lifetime of your home

Wind Rating

Weather can be very abusive to your home. Many times vinyl or composite siding can come loose on the wall after or during a storm and come off the home leaving the wall in disarray. Our siding products can withstand the heaviest of winds. In fact, our siding can withstand wind speeds between 160 to 210 mph!

Quiet and Comfort

When considering siding options, one thing to consider is the added comfort you can get with the right option. Many of our siding products come with a pre-insulated design. This added insulation gives you an added sound barrier giving you a more quiet and relaxing living space

Energy Efficient

Many older homes have very limited insulation in the wall of the home. Even today, building code is only R-15 leaving you with very limited protection. Many of our siding products can add between R-2 and R-6 insulation value to the existing wall of your home. In certain climates and homes this can give you an added 14% energy savings per year. Most important it means that you and your family will more comfortable all year round!

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